New Family farm 

old school wisdom - modern vision

New Family Farm has its roots in hard work and high quality produce. We started from scratch - literally - working with horses in leather harness for the first four years.  Now we farm with tractors on fifteen prime acres in Sonoma County, California and provide excellent quality, organic produce throughout the North Bay.  Chefs and customers know that our farm is synonymous with quality.  

We are on the cutting edge of ecological horticulture - working toward a sustainable and resilient food shed one season at a time. We make judicious use of both summer and winter cover crops, pollinator habitat, and crop rotation. We strive to constantly better ourselves, our farm and our community, through, reflection, innovation and the shared experience.

It fulfills us to feed our community. Our produce is available at many local grocery stores, restaurants, and through our friends at FEED Sonoma.