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Field Production Manager

New Family Farm is hiring a Field Production Manager.  We’re looking for a talented, motivated farmer to join our leadership team.  This position works closely with the owners to manage the farm on a macro and micro scale.  

A little about us:

New Family Farm is in its  10th farming season. Starting with 1 acre and a lot of hard work, we’ve had lots of incarnations. We’ve raised milking goats, sheep, hogs, chickens, and worked  our vegetable fields with several teams of draft horses (A few years ago we transitioned away from using draft horses) . We strive to constantly better ourselves, our farm and our community, through, reflection, innovation and the shared experience. This season we plan to cultivate about 12 acres of vegetables. We’ve got a few new pieces of equipment (Kult Kress finger weeder + Mechanical Transplanter) that should make the whole process better. We take pride in working smarter not harder (though we do work plenty hard), and hold high standards for both growing process and the quality of our produce.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Manage the harvest crew

  • Work with the irrigators and cultivators to make sure crops are weeded and watered appropriately.

  • Make bi-weekly field walks to asses pest pressure, weed pressure, and general crop health

  • Work with the owners to build the weekly schedule

  • Manage the field crew

  • Tractor work including, field prep and field takedown, cultivation.

  • Oversight of the whole farming process: seeding, transplanting, watering, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting, and cover cropping.

  • Generate SOPs for production specific cultural activities

  • Learn sales system and assist with sales


  • 2 years or more of farming experience on a production oriented farm.

  • Experience working with tractors, including hitching and unhitching.

  • Management experience, or leadership within a team.

  • Experience with quality control and industry standards for vegetables.

  • Critical thinker

  • Generally awesome person


  • We are looking for a high level candidate — compensation will reflect skill and knowledge and be commiserate with industry standards for this position. Additionally, profit sharing options and performance benchmark based bonuses may be available

  • Compensation includes a custom built, high end tiny home with claw-foot tub, reclaimed redwood, etc. This includes, electricity, water and internet. We are willing to discuss higher compensation for a candidate who already has housing and does not want to live in the tiny home.

Please send Resume, 3 references, and a cover letter to newfamilyfarmers@gmail.com