New Family FLorals

“The earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


New Family Farm is excited to offer fresh cut flowers to our crop list this coming summer and fall! Our flowers are high quality and certified organic with a natural garden aesthetic. 

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New Family Florals is a new branch of the farm. Our goal has always been to provide for our community, farm to table. As our farm and family has grown, so has our business. A few years ago, Meghan and Tori started experimenting with flowers, which turned into a true passion. As stewards of the land, Ryan and Adam have always valued beauty in their practices as farmers. As a team, we believe that growing flowers is part of a sustainable model of farming and are thankful for your support in the slow food & flowers movement.

Retail, Markets, Weddings & More

Take our home grown flowers home or feature them at an upcoming event! In June our flowers will be available at farmer's markets, select grocery stores, through FEED Sonoma, at local florist boutiques, and through event contracts. 

We offer full service wedding and event floral packages. Please CONTACT US directly for more information.